Update Time Again

Today Bookmax.net got another update. It needed a lot of code-updates and a redesign, because it was getting a bit old-fashioned and out of date.
Please excuse the bugs we couldn´t find, report them, i will fix them ASAP.
A big thank you to my BE
So what´s new:
1. Modernized Layout
2. Adapted views for mobile devices
3. New “Add” layer (you can still use the popup)
4. Last, not least: 12 months Premium is now only € 25,- (before € 29,90)
I hope you like it.


Phew, it´s done! It took me a very, very long time. It was a a journey on so many wrong roads, my personal odyssey.
But finally it´s here: The new bookmax update with the “Team” module!

1. The Team Module

Premium users can create teams and invite any user to their teams. Share all information in teams as you did before in your private area. Users can be admins, editors or members.

1. Save 50% on Premium with The Team Premium Pack

You and up to 4 friends or team members (5 people) can get one year premium for the reduced price of just EUR 50,-. So you pay just EUR 10,- for 1 year Premium Account per person and save 50%!

2. Hierarchical folders in all modules

All Bookmax modules now have the same hierarchical folders that bookmarks ever had. That gives you improved data organisation.

3. Alphabetical folder-sorting in all modules

Another feature from the bookmark section now available in all modules. Resort all your folders alphabetically.

4. New flat template “iMax 7″

Last but not least, also Bookmax has to go with fashion and introduces a new template with flat icons.

5. Bigger font sizes

Select bigger font sizes in the template section.

And since today even:

6. Login with Google

No more need to register for Google Users, just login with Google!

That´s all folks! Have fun!

Two little updates

1. Web Search
In the bookmarks settings section you will now find a “web search box” where you can activate a search field for web search on all pages.
2. Memos
You can do some basic formatting in your memos now and have them in different colors.

Three little updates

Bookmax had 3 little updates this weekend:
1. Bookmark folders can now have individual sorting additional to the general sorting.
2. You can display bookmarks of subfolders when an folder is empty (exept the main “Bookmarks” folder).
3. You can add images to your notes (Premium module),

One fucking beer

I must confess, i am really upset. I got this review on the firefox addon site:


von Devo am September 29, 2012 · Permanentlink

It’s completely useless. You can’t even import a limited amount of your bookmarks. You have to pay them a monthly fee to be able to manage your bookmarks.

Honestly, I’d rather just get more used to FireFox’s default bookmark manager and boycott.


And here is my justification, that is also there. I post it here, because i want to show this to you:



von Bookmax (Entwickler) am September 30, 2012 · Permanentlink

It is simply not true, that you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to manage your bookmarks. There is a free and a premium account. You can add, manage and even export your bookmarks in the free version WITHOUT any payment. Importing was removed form the free version, because it was heavily abused and led to permanent server crashes.( In short: give them a finger, and they tear out your arm).
If you really want to use bookmax and need to import, you can pay for just 1 month, that´s exactly EUR 2.95. Then you import once, after 1 month you account falls back to free account and all your imported bookmarks remain in the free account.

I think there are more developers out there, who also spend hundreds of hours to build tools to relieve every day tasks and maybe pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to keep their services running. And when you try to get any return of your work, which will never even pay the cost, and then have to hear that your work is obnoxious and someone is VERY DISAPPOINTED, because you were so barefaced to ask for EUR 2,95, then, yes then, at least for my part, i really would like to throw it all to trash, delete the whole site, quit the server and just let it all go. And go to the next bar, order a beer for EUR 2,95, cause that´s exactly what i would have asked for. 1 f*cking beer.

Original: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/bookmax/reviews/386290/

Newsreader updated!

The Bookmax Newsfeed Reader, a premium user modul, has just been updated and now offers:

  • “All Newsfeeds” menu to view all feeds in one list.
  • Two type of list: small list and a new second list with more information and images.
  • Automatic Favicons of the Newsfeeds.
  • Better caching for faster handling.

Check it out